Our products
BOGAP competence in the aftermarket lies in its ability to continously expand on its products, and its unique ability in creating new products.
Since the beginning, BOGAP has aimed to assist distributors in taking lead in bringing new products to the market.
Engine Ventilation
Oil separator
Crankcase breather valve
Crankcase breather hose
Cylinder head cover
Cylinder head cover repair valve
Air pump breather hose
Secondary air pump
Air intake hose
PCV valve
Charger intake hose
Washing system
Headlight sprayer nozzle
Windowscreen spray nozzle
Washing pump
Washing hose
Washing tank
Wiper linkage
Wiper motor
Wiper arm
Wiper arm with blade
Rain sensor
Engine electrical
VVT Valve
Throttle body
Fuel pump
Intake maniford flap adjuster
Fuel pump control unit
Lambda sensor
Nitrogen oxygen sensor
Exhaust temperature sensor
Fuel pressure sensor
Electrical valve
Pressure converter
Fuel tank breather valve
Air intake control valve
Charger diverter valve
Electrical thermo control
Electric thermostat
Heater valve
Electric water pump
Additional water pump
Vehicle electrical
Parking brake motor
Window regulator combination switch
Door lock actuator
Headlight level sensor
Brake pad sensor
ABS sensor
Parking distance sensor
Hose & Pipe
Fuel return line
AC pressure pipe
Power steering coolant hose
Coolant pipe
Coolant hose
Charger intake hose
Air intake hose
Washing hose
Fuel pipe
Repair kit
Timing kit
Crankcase breather valve repair kit
Cylinder head cover repair valve
Oil pump repair kit
Transmission filter repair kit


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